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mobile car wash trailer for sale
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are outfitted with everything you will ever need to efficiently wash, dry, and detail a vehicle with ease. The Dirt Bully will never call in sick, never ask to leave work early, and its always ready to work when you are. And then some! Its everything you need for detailing, in a super duty package that is strong enough to withstand virtually any abuse you can through at it within reason, of course. With reinforced steel box tube construction, diamond-plate wheel wells, heavy duty hose reel and hardcore machinery, the Dirty Bully will practically scare the dirt off the surfaces that you need to clean. The Dirt Bully Mobile Detailing Trailers Features.: Fully Enclosed Locking Trailer with Stay-Open Top. High Capacity Water Tank. Convenient Equipment Detailing Supply Storage. Powerful Mobile Generator. Custom Pressure Washer System. Foaming Chemical Injector. Car Detailing Starter Kit FREE.
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A store bought utility trailer is not designed to support water tanks, they are designed mainly for landscapers that are hauling lawn cutting equipment. The Mobile Car Wash Trailers, Mobile Auto Detailing Trailers, Mobile Car Detailing Trailers, and Auto Detail Supplies from Detail King are some of the best built trailers in the industry.
9800 Mobile Auto Detailing Trailer for Professional Auto Detailing Duration: 259. Rightlook Creative 24868, views. Build a DIY Utility Trailer for 300 Part 1 Duration: 906. FogoFox 645921, views. Car Wash Equipment Rightlook Micro Skid Mount for Auto Detailing Duration: 252.
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Want to make 35-150 per hour? We help people each and every day at developing a business that supports a lifestyle that is rewarding for you and your family. A business opportunity is not only about money, a business opportunity is how will that business affect your life. Wax On Wheels builts the best trailers in the industry. Rugged tubular steel design and powder coated painted protection are important features that will keep this detailing trailer on the road and standing strong. Using mobile detailing trailers and mobile car wash equipment from Wax On Wheels is not only a long term money saver, but a money maker.
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Pressure Washer Trailer, Power Washer Trailer for Sale, Power Wash Business. 23 HP 6.5GPM @ 4000, PSI Hot/Cold/Steam Operation. Buy It Now. Power Wash Business Equipment, Pressure Washer Trailer, Power Wash Trailer. 23 HP 6.5GPM @ 4000, PSI Hot/Cold/Steam Operation. Buy It Now. THE NEW DELUXE" PLUS" MOBILE CAR WASH RIG.
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Rightlook.com detailing trailers are built by a team of experts and are available in several different configurations to fit your business needs and your budget. Visit our website for specs and additional information. Comments Off Share Article. tagged Custom Mobile Detailing Trailer, Mobile Car Wash Equipment in Mobile Detailing Business Trailers Email Article.
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Our Big" Daddy" Car Wash Trailer for Mobile Detailing features a 230 gallon water tank, 6.5 2500 psi gasoline powered Honda Pressure Washer, soap injector, 50 high-pressure hose, 50'commercial' filler hose both on heavy-duty hose reels, 36" spray wand with 4 quick disconnect pressure spray tips, 4 five.
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The professionals at Rightlook.com can even customize a trailer to meet your specifications or the unique demands of your car care business. RightWash auto detailing trailers are designed to not only look great, but also to be the most efficient and effective professional auto detailing rigs available. The car detailing experts at Rightlook.com know that for a mobile auto detailer, time is money.

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