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Our mobile car wash service is the perfect value-add for office and work complexes, commercial and residential parking garages, parking lots and property management firms, multi-use real estate developments and shopping malls, condominiums and apartment complexes, country clubs and golf organizations, universities and schools, communities and religious institutions, charitable and miscellaneous events. Created with Sketch. A waterless car wash service is an alternative method to conventional car washing by way of using a high lubricity solution formulated to saturate the surface with polymers and surfactants designed to lift and encapsulate dirt and debris.
EcoGreen Mobile Auto Detailing of Tulsa.
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Starting a Detailing Business.
For mobile waterless car wash units we suggest using a portable wash system. These allow for easy dilution of formulas and consistent spraying patterns. You can find the portable wash system in the Eco Touch store. Is the waterless car wash the only product I will need to clean the vehicle?
Number 1 worldwide offering ecological and innovative systems for car wash, with presence in many countries. CAR WASH PORTABLE. CAR CLEANING FRANCHISE. WE SAVE WATER! GeoWash just uses less than 2 liters of eco-cleaning formula. The GeoWash system does not leave water, dirt, foam or stains in the place where the service has been done. Liters of water saved. GeoWash works with an attractive compact mobile unit that allows us to have in a small space.
The Waterless Pro Zone Learn to make money with Waterless Car Wash products.
The hard work paid off and my main waterless car wash website was ranked 1 on Google Read More. Waterless Car Wash images and how to protect them. Waterless car wash professionals love to show off their hard work with great looking pictures.
What is a Waterless Car Wash? The Complete Guide Washos Blog.
Click To Tweet. We are committed to being eco-friendly, and for that reason, all of our car detailers do a waterless car wash and waterless car detailing by default. Whether you need an interior detailing, a full exterior detailing, a tree sap removal or a w ater spots treatment, our waterless mobile detailing will restore your car to its original condition.
A Mobile Waterless Car-Washing Franchise Takes Off.
This story appears in the November 2012 issue of. Early this year, when Craig Boyko ran across the website for Greenshine, a mobile, waterless car-washing franchise, he didn't' take the concept seriously. He thought the fact that it sold itself as a premium service, charging more than the typical wash, seemed strange. Boyko, who is vice president of a recycling company near Baltimore that processes 72 million pounds of scrap metal per year, was searching for a business that he and his wife could eventually pass on to their children. We" were looking for something low-cost that we could do together, he says. And" car washes have always interested both of us.
11 Things You Should Know and Do When Starting a Waterless Car Wash Business Factory-Direct Pearl Manufacturer Waterless Car Wash Environmentally Friendly Detailing Products.
Waterless car wash systems and businesses are the future of the car washing industry. With increased droughts, EPA guidelines, tightening governmental regulations and public outcry, the waterless car cleaning business is thriving and provide you with a very lucrative and environment conscious business.
The Green Machine Waterless Car Wash System.
The waterless car wash system works by simply spraying on, wiping off and buffing to a shine. The Green Machine uses waterless car wash products that lift the dirt from the vehicle by a process of emulsification; meaning that the spray breaks down the dirt into molecules, surrounds and coats the dirt molecules, lifting them off the surface.
EvoWash-CART Mobile Car Wash Trolley Car Washing Cart UAE.
Cleaning Towels Bundle. Home / EvoWash eStore / Top Sales / EvoWash Cart Waterless Mobile Car Wash Trolley. EvoWash Cart Waterless Mobile Car Wash Trolley. Availability: In stock. EvoWash Cart Car Wash Trolley is an environmentally friendly, single-handed, waterless car wash trolley.

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